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R & D Direction
Focus on new technology project development, product production and technical services in the graphene industry. Committed to the application of graphene in coatings, composite materials, thermal conductive films, heat dissipation films, and biomedical applications.
It integrates preparation technology, dispersion technology, application research, pilot scale up and project transformation. Master multiple graphene preparation technologies and processes. A number of graphene application projects, including coatings and silver pastes, have become mature.
Cooperation and Exchange
The company volunteers to become an excellent comprehensive technology provider in the carbon material industry, with a wide range of business, involving new materials such as graphene, technical services, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological project results, and material analysis and testing.
Our Research and Development Capabilities
Has developed more than 30 products based on graphene
Summarize data and information to build an Angxing database
In-depth exploration of the potential applications of carbon materials, such as lithium batteries, paint coatings, etc.
Visualization and diversification of results, involving articles, patents, technical solutions, etc.
Latest News
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