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Project transformation cooperation

Introduction of Onstar Technology Achievement Transformation Center

Angxing Technology Achievement Transformation Center adheres to the "market value"-oriented scientific research management model, and is committed to effectively transforming the "scientific value" of scientific and technological research results into "market value". The center has a professional project management team, a composite technology transformation team, a balanced distribution of project results, a flexible project cooperation model, and sufficient project management authority. It cooperates with various scientific research institutions, technology platforms, investment companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, technical experts, Consulting experts and others carry out in-depth cooperation to jointly create scientific research data analysis and resource sharing, customized product development, joint product development services, RD laboratory sharing, testing center sharing, pilot experiment platform sharing, technical consulting services, reagent-level product platforms, Technical service platforms such as pilot-level product platforms, technical solution solutions, oriented personnel training, RD practice platforms, technical knowledge popularization, scientific research experience, etc., enable knowledge to be realized, technology appreciation, and real and efficient transformation of technical results.

Related case

Customized product development case

A new material company requested a cost-effective graphene material for lubrication. The company mainly deals in graphene lubricant additives, graphene grease additives and graphene purification products. Angstar Technology Achievement Transformation Center receives customer needs, matches project managers and technicians to communicate with the customers to confirm the detailed product requirements, which mainly include product requirements, performance indicators, evaluation methods, testing standards, demand cycle, demand scale, product cost and Additional requirements description, etc. At the same time, we conducted detailed market research, technical research and intellectual property analysis based on the customized product information provided by the customer, and determined the customized RD plan, RD difficulty, implementation period, RD cost and sample standards with the RD team. In the end, we formed a project plan and gave it to the demanding enterprises, negotiated the cooperation model and intellectual property rights, and the two sides signed a customized product development cooperation intention. The RD team of the Angxing Technology Achievement Transformation Center is responsible for the main lubrication graphene material RD. The technical broker in the project management team is responsible for the coordination and cooperation with the demanding enterprises. The entire RD process has undergone continuous sample evaluation, performance optimization, and performance optimization with customers. It took more than three months to complete the graphene products that met customer requirements and apply for related invention patent protection. Finally reached an in-depth cooperation agreement with the customer for this product.

Joint product development case

An electronic paste company requested a graphene material for conductive silver paste. The customer requested that graphene can improve the rheology, conductivity and sintering properties of the silver paste, so as to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the conductive silver paste. The project manager communicated with the customer in the early stage and found that the customer's needs were rather vague and could not confirm the specific requirements, performance indicators, evaluation methods and testing methods of the product. However, through market research and technical research, they found the application of graphene in conductive silver paste There is less research, and the above problems all increase the difficulty and cycle of product development. In response to this situation, Angxing Technology Achievement Transformation Center organized a project team to conduct technical analysis and market research on conductive silver paste, and consulted technical experts and application research experts in the industry. At the same time, we provided preliminary research and development plans with customers, and made key discussions on the difficulty of research and development, implementation period, research and development costs and cooperation models. In view of the uncertainty and cutting-edge nature of the research and development, the two parties reached a joint research and development agreement. The joint research and development has been completed after more than one year of cooperation after continuous efforts and persistence from many parties.

Technical expert platform case

A lithium battery company requested a high-purity graphene powder with a purity of 99.9%, 99.99%, and 99.999%. The Angstar Technology Achievement Transformation Center received customer needs and organized a project team to analyze and discuss the difficulty of achieving high-purity graphene. It is a big technical challenge to ensure the structure of graphene and achieve high purity. Through the demand release, technology solicitation and technical investigation, I learned that the chief technical engineer of an enterprise in Chongqing has been engaged in the purification research and actual combat of carbon materials such as graphite, activated carbon and carbon nanotubes for many years. After getting in touch with the chief engineer, the project manager introduced the technology in detail. demand information. After understanding, the chief engineer gave back some information, proposed several technical solutions, and clarified the acceptable cooperation mode, implemented and provided sample evaluation according to the previously determined technical plan, and continuously adjusted the plan. The final purity was 99.9% and 99.98. %, 99.996% of high-purity graphene sample material. In order to supplement and improve the resources of the technical expert database, Angxing Technology Achievement Transformation Center signed a long-term technical expert service cooperation with the chief technical engineer, and clarified the technical service content, service time and payment method.

Technical demand cooperation

· Graphene lubricant additives

Evaluation and testing of lubricant performance based on graphene material modification;

Cooperate in the development of lubricant products for use in automobiles and ships, and evaluate their performance on site. Cooperation methods include commissioning of test projects, collaborative development of new products, and equity investment.

· Graphene-based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating

Co-development of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating products based on graphene aims to reduce the amount of zinc powder while improving the anti-corrosion effect;

And carry out on-site inspection and evaluation of the application performance of coatings on ships and ports. Cooperation methods include commissioning of test projects, collaborative development of new products, and equity investment.

· Graphene-based conductive silver paste

The cooperative development of silver paste products modified by adding nano-carbon materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes is aimed at improving the contact performance of the silver paste with the substrate, reducing the pore structure, and improving the heat dissipation performance;

It also evaluates the application performance of silver paste on different materials. Cooperation methods include commissioning of test projects, collaborative development of new products, and equity investment.

· Graphene conductive composite

The collaborative development of conductive coating materials based on the conductive properties of graphene and electric heating materials aims to reduce filler components, improve their conductivity and stability; and carry out performance evaluations for their application scenarios.

Cooperation methods include commissioning of test projects, collaborative development of new products, and equity investment.

· Other

Open source research and development, sharing resources, Angstar is willing to communicate and cooperate with industry elites, so that graphene can truly enter our lives!

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