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ASHINE Graphene RD Center was established in 2012 and has a high-quality professional RD team composed of PhDs, masters and senior engineers. The RD center was officially registered as an independent company, Onstar New Carbon Materials Changzhou Co., Ltd. in August 2017. Onstar New Carbon focuses on the research and development of carbon materials, implements Onstar’s concept of “relay in scientific research, technological appreciation”, opens up cooperation, and jointly promotes the incubation and growth of new technologies. There are four major departments including a comprehensive test center, an advanced carbon material manufacturing center, a graphene composite material engineering technology center, and a new energy materials laboratory. It has dozens of professional equipment such as scanning electron microscopes and synchronous thermal analyzers, covering conductive silver paste, Lubricant additives, anti-corrosion coatings, electric heating materials, heat dissipation materials and conductive composite materials and other fields. In addition, the RD center is equipped with a special pilot base and production base, covering an area of more than 80 acres, which provides a solid guarantee for laboratory achievements.




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