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Basic RD: Development and manufacturing of advanced carbon materials, graphene composite materials, clean energy materials

Application development: graphene lubricant additives, graphene-based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings, graphene-based conductive silver paste, graphene conductive composite materials

Development and manufacturing of advanced carbon materials

Focusing on new nano-carbon materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes, conduct research on the microstructure and formation mechanism, explore the properties and assembly rules of new materials, and design and control new functional carbon materials through surface modification and chemical vapor deposition techniques ; Aiming at new macroscopic carbon materials, explore new processing and manufacturing methods and optimize their performance.

Graphene composite

Exploring the application potential of graphene in anti-corrosion coatings, lubricants and plastics, focusing on the key common problems among them, relying on integrated surface modification technology and dispersion technology to give full play to the high barrier properties of graphene in composite materials. Performance advantages such as high specific surface area and high conductivity.

Clean energy materials

With the research and development of carbon materials as the core, explore the application potential of carbon materials in lithium battery materials, solar cells and metal-air batteries, carry out fine design and processing of the material structure according to the application scenarios, and exert the high specific surface area and chemical stability of carbon materials Advantages, and ultimately improve the efficiency of clean energy devices.

Graphene lubricant additives

Experimental research on various functionalized graphenes, such as oxidation, fluorination, nitridation, silanization and aminated graphene, etc.;

The non-covalent functional modification of graphene improves the dispersibility of graphene in various solvents and lubricants;

Study on the tribochemical mechanism between graphene and lubricant;

Research on the tribological properties of graphene-reinforced composite materials in extremely harsh and special environments, such as low-speed heavy-duty, high-temperature environments, and liquid environments;

Research on optimization of tribological properties of graphene-enhanced inorganic non-metallic materials.

Graphene-based heavy anti-corrosion coating

Large-scale preparation of stable and dispersed graphene and its compatibility with resin;

Adjustment and optimization of the structural characteristics of graphene anticorrosive coatings;

Research on the protection mechanism and electrochemical analysis of zinc-rich heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings;

Research on the formulation and construction technology of graphene anticorrosive coatings.

Graphene-based conductive silver paste

Research on graphene's rheological properties, thixotropy and interface properties of the substrate;

The influence of graphene on the printing performance, ohmic contact interface, solderability and adhesion of the paste;

Evaluation of the principle and application performance of multi-substrate low-temperature silver paste.

Graphene conductive composite

Research on the preparation and performance of various functionalized graphenes;

The composite mechanism and dispersion problems of graphene and various substrate composite materials;

The influence of graphene on the strength, electrical and thermal properties of composite materials.

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