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Angxing University Scientific Research Service Center has the mission of serving the laboratories of domestic and foreign universities and research institutes. Covering laboratory instrument testing, the push of cutting-edge reagents and advanced equipment, it is the logistics department of scientific research activities; it also involves the commercialization of laboratory samples, the industrial docking of technological achievements and the collection of market information, which is the process of scientific research towards industrialization Good business partner. This scientific research service center works with teachers and students to make scientific research and innovation, and jointly realize technological appreciation.


Sample conversion case: A laboratory of Nanjing University can develop Huanghua graphene, but the current market demand for Huanghua graphene is not large. The research group wants to know the quality of the Huanghua graphene developed by itself, and connect to other customers through our platform. , Not only received the feedback effect, but also recovered the raw material cost of Huanghua graphene, and successfully realized the transformation from scientific research to commercial products.

Customized case: The customer requires the product to be heated and used in a tube furnace or a muffle furnace for carbonization of biomass in a closed environment. The peak working temperature is 1000 degrees, the pressure is 4-5 MPa, and the volume is 100-200ml. The tightness requirements are high. Ordinary reactors cannot withstand the high temperature of tube furnaces, and at the same time, biomass carbonization will produce gas. The gas needs to be sealed in the reactor as the reaction gas. The threads of ordinary mass production reactors cannot meet the tightness requirements. The customer consulted with a number of reactor manufacturers, but they were unable to meet the requirements. The offline staff of the scientific research service center came to the customer’s laboratory, learned about the situation, and recommended a manufacturer of reactors with special materials to the customer. The design was sealed according to customer requirements. Structure, complete customization.

Test case: The customer needs to test the COD parameters of the steel pipe sample, but because the sample is too thin, it cannot be tested due to the lack of such equipment. It has also consulted a number of agency testing companies and has not been found. The staff of the scientific research service center understand the customer's needs, contact the customer to confirm the detailed test requirements, search the information platform of the scientific research service center, understand that the metal material laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University meets the test conditions, contact the person in charge of the laboratory to help the customer complete the test.

Achievement transformation case: A research group of a university in Zhejiang has the research and development results of battery anode materials, and wants to further enlarge its scale production. Through our scientific research service center platform, we connected to related companies, and the university technical team and the company reached a cooperation after many negotiations. In the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities, our scientific research service center has played a role as a link.

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